Planning Your Estate

When we are approaching the end of our lives it is important that we tie up some lose ends.  The main things that we need to decide is who will get what we leave behind, be it debt and our assets.  This is where learning how to create an estate plan boulder co can be beneficial.

how to create an estate plan boulder co

Houses and property

Many of us will have our main dwelling to deal with where others may have rental properties and other forms of real estate.  Some of these can be very tricky to deal with since some may require past tax payments, repairs and have people living there as renters.  It is important that if people are renting that their lives are not uprooted just because you die.


Money is the heart of all evil.  Many families will come out of the woodworks if they smell money.  Many families will hear from relatives they never knew existed when money is involved.  This is why making sure that people who where the money is going to go, who will get it and why.  Don’t let this be an issue.

Medical decisions

While you are alive you will want to make sure that you are taken care of medically.  You want to make sure you have your medications, are cared for if you can’t care for yourself and more.  There is also a decision that has to be made if you go into a coma or have an event that requires a DNR.  In many cases people will not want to be revived if they die.  However, without the proper paperwork and documentation in place doctors and hospitals need to air on the side of caution.

The process of living is not easy, nor is the process of death.  However, when we take the time to make our wishes known the process can become less complicated.