When to Hire an Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt on the job can cause issues that are a bit above your head to resolve, which is when an injury lawyer comes into play. A work related injury lawyer hillsboro or professional can help with your case and make sure that your problems are resolved. There are several reasons to hire an injury lawyer, including the items below.

A Denied Claim

An insurance company can deny your claim for worker’s compensation for several reasons, such as claims being received too late. To appeal the denial, you will need to go through a complex system and gather evidence to prove that you deserve worker’s compensation. You will then need to present your case, which your lawyer can help with immensely.

Disputes on Disability Rating

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Many of the claims and settlements for worker’s comp are calculated based on something known as a permanent disability rating. Your doctor assigns this rating, which the insurance company can dispute. You will need to get a medical exam performed with a doctor of the insurance company’s choosing, which often results in getting a lower rating. To get a fair settlement, you will need the help of a law professional to convince the judge otherwise.

Preexisting Conditions

A pre-existing condition is something that you have been dealing with before the injury at work occurred. If the injury happens to a body part that was already experiencing problems, you may be facing a tough battle with the company’s insurance. They are likely to blame the injury on your pre-existing condition, which your lawyer will be able to assist you in proving otherwise.

A lawyer can be a major help when it comes to injuries on the job, so be sure to do your research and work with a qualified law professional to get the compensation you deserve.